30 days

Blandade ihop två engelska listor jag hittade, som vanligt tar det längre än 30 dagar, men jag ska försöka göra det ordentligt!
  1. A recent picture of you 
  2. A few things about yourself
  3. Things you are good at
  4. I am looking forward to ...
  5. Today's playlist
  6. Nicknames you have; why do you have them
  7. Put your iPod on shuffle: First 10 songs that play
  8. The meaning behind your Blog name
  9. In my bag
  10. Favorite websites and blogs
  11. On my wishlist
  12. A picture of you last year and now, how have you changed since then?
  13. The meaning of your name(s)
  14. A picture of somewhere you’ve been to
  15. DIYs I want to try
  16. Things I do every morning
  17. On my shopping list
  18. Pets (past & present)
  19. Five items you lust after
  20. Five words/phrases that make you laugh
  21. Favorite recipes
  22. Celebrity crushes
  23. Things to do this Spring
  24. Today I saw
  25. Favorite apps
  26. Something you always think “what if …” about
  27. Books I'd like to read this year
  28. Lessons learned
  29. Vacations to take
  30. Favorite foods